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Life Coaching

Life can be so complicated to navigate and often things don't go as we had envisioned. We can face challenges and confusion in the areas of career, personal development, relationships, nutrition, divorce, grief, and even financial wellness. A Life Coach comes alongside to help one identify a direction, set goals, and move forward. 

As a Life Coach, I focus on helping my clients in three areas:

                        KNOW  *  BELIEVE  *  EMBRACE

KNOW - Through our sessions, self- assessments, and reflection, we will work to pinpoint where you are and identify where you desire to be. 

BELIEVE- As we unveil discoveries, we step into the phase of belief where we build confidence, slay doubts, and set goals to move forward in a healthy, purposeful direction.

EMBRACE- Finally, we work together, empowering you to embrace your new practices and beliefs by establishing healthy routines to promote success in your direction and purpose. 

Invest in Yourself - $600 for 6 sessions

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